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About Executive Barber College

Executive Barber College was established in August 2018 and has been thriving every since. God gave me the vision in 2016 after I received my barber instructor license. And thought so what’s next for me and thought of a school but of course I said it but didn’t really believe I could really do it but because I’m a strong woman of faith knows…so as a man speaketh so is he. In other words theirs power in the tongue. At this time I was over on North State Street in Jackson Ms and was seeking a building for my barbershop business needless did I know God was gonna give me this enormous building of right at 4,000 square feet nearly blew my mind and I said God you must want me to start the school here at 5425 Executive Place. The building needed to be equipped for a shop and a school and needed renovation but know that God provided all my needs to make this happen. Since then I’ve graduated 6 students and they are licensed and working in shops. At Executive Barber College my motto is to equip students with the knowledge and hands on training they need to be a professional barber/stylist, or Barber Instructor. I also have a Cross-over program this when a stylist wants to go from Cosmotogy to a barber/stylist. We also make sure we honor God first by saying the school prayer every morning before we began class. The school not only educate them in the field of barbering also teaches life skills such as washing clothes, how to tie a tie, how to change a flat tire and much more which will be encorperated in the 2021 Barber Camp that taking place July 12-14 2021. Executive Barber College is looking forward to in the future accepting financial aid. Enrollment is every Monday and class is only (3) three days a week Monday-Wednesday it takes about 15 months to complete this course and go to Mississippi State Barber Board to take the test to receive your license and on to your new Profession. I especially thank all that have ever enroll and finished the course I also thank those that started and decided this wasn’t the career for you. Thank you all for the experience as Barber Instructor.