Meeting State Board Requirements

Meeting the requirements of your state’s barbering/cosmetology board can be challenging. These requirements are different for each state. You can find the specific requirements for your jurisdiction by checking with your local board. The board often works with your state’s department of public health to conduct inspections to ensure you are in compliance with state regulations. Examples of the most typical requirements include:

  • Completed independent barber shop owner application
  • Proof of ownership or leasing of a business address
  • Proof of a city or county business license
  • Proof that you are a licensed barber
  • Facility requirements like:
    • Hot and cold running water
    • Public bathrooms
    • Drinking water
    • Each barber chair may have a square footage requirement (such as 35 ft2 per chair)
    • Containers for trash and soiled items
    • Cabinets that close for storage of barbering tools and clean towels

Depending on your state’s requirements and the condition of your newly-leased barbershop, meeting these requirements can involve renovations, designs by an architect, a plumbing inspection, inspection by an electrician, a use-and-occupancy license inspection, and a final health department inspection, not to mention a separate inspection by a fire marshal. The point of saying all this is not to discourage you, but to encourage you to find out your local requirements and price these out so you know what kind of investment you’re getting into. Make sure to take these things into consideration as you develop your initial business plan.

And you can’t forget about the other important monthly expenses you’ll need to pay for on top of rent: electricity, cable TV, air conditioning, heating, and utilities. You should also set aside some money to cover possible fines and other expenses that might come up unexpectedly.